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Enrolment Process

Students can enrol for courses at Rewi Alley Academy at any time of the year. Before they formally enrol, students should read the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment carefully. They should then complete and submit the Enrolment form.


Download enrolment form


Completed Enrolment Form can be submitted through any of these options:

  • By email to academy@rewialley.ac.nz

  • By post: 

    32A Matipo Street
    Christchurch 8041
    New Zealand

  • Delivered in person at the Academy office 



Our Fees:

Please see the chart below for fee options:

Full time 25 hours a week $350/week
Full time 20 hours a week $300/week
Part time 15 hours a week $250/week
Part time 5 hours a week $100/week
Course related fees $100/term
Enrolment Fees Applying from overseas $300
Enrolment Fees Applying within New Zealand $100
Public Trust Account Fee
(Student Fee Protect Account)
Homestay Arrangement
(If required)
Airport Pick Up
(If required)