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About Rewi Alley Academy

Rewi Alley Academy is a New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) accredited private tertiary institution. It offers NZQA accredited English language courses to international students and immigrants to New Zealand. Its mission is to provide high quality English language education to learners of English and help them achieve their learning goals.

Over the years, many international students and new immigrants have studied at Rewi Alley Academy.  Many of our former students are now working, studying, or operating their own businesses in New Zealand. Former students who have returned to their home countries have left New Zealand with better English language skills and greater cultural understanding.

Rewi Alley Academy is governed by a charity trust.

• Teaching Staff


Wendy Gacsal

B.A., Certificate in TESOL

John McLister

M.A., B.A., Certificate in TESOL, Graduate Diploma of Teaching

• Administration Staff


Jenny Yang

B.Eng., Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning
Programme Advisor and Student Support Officer

Hong Xiao

Ph.D., M.Ed., TESOL Certificate (with Honours)
Academic Director

Yubing Zhang

Bachelor of  Science
Health & Safety Officer

What Students Say….

Maria from Argentina: I learned a lot.  I have more confidence.  I had a very good teacher, who was always helping me and my partners.

Sawako from Japan: I had sun speaking English with classmates.

Tiffany from China: The teacher gave me a lot of help and advice.

Sherita from China: The teachers are very good.  They are patient and professional.

Honglin from China: The staff are friendly and helpful.

About Rewi Alley (1897-1987)

Born in Springfield, a small town near Christchurch in New Zealand, Rewi Alley spent 60 years of his life in China until he passed away in Beijing. Rewi Alley is especially renowned for his contribution in the establishment of Industrial Cooperatives in the backcountries of China during World War II, and for being a pioneer in New Zealand – China friendship.

The Academy is proud to be named after Rewi Alley and treasures its site on the ground of Wharenui School in Christchurch, a school that Rewi Alley attended as a young man and where his father Frederick Alley was the first headmaster.